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“Vilneles slenis” – the best BIM project in the category residential buildings

The project of the company MERKO, i.e. the residential quarter Vilnelės slėnis, was acknowledged as the best BIM project of the previous year in the category of residential buildings in the awards of the competition “Lithuanian BIM* Projects 2019” held during the conference “Digital Construction 2019”

‘Application of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology and concurrent digital technologies in the objects constructed by the company MERKO has substantially changed the construction project management. BIM helps to ensure the quality of the construction project works, save time and manage funds,’ Lukas Rimkus, the BIM coordinator of the company MERKO, briefly commented on the advantages of application of BIM.

According to the interlocutor, BIM may be defined as creation of a digital copy of the future building. The information created in 3D models and its use will depend on the customer and the project team. The latter includes representatives with different specialisations; thus, effective cooperation and smooth communication are of major importance. Here, one of the advantages of BIM, i.e. that information is accessible to all persons belonging to the team, works very well.  This makes work much simpler, limits the possibilities of interpretation and miscommunication. Furthermore, BIM is helpful to designers, i.e. 3D models are used for carrying out of different engineering calculations and analyses, helps to convey the solutions to the customer and the team of builders in a clearer manner. Management of a project in BIM environment allows to avoid mistakes and not coordinated solutions in the construction site, since such issues are dealt with in 3D models.

‘Besides, application of BIM methodology and digital technologies helps to ensure more effective project coordination, access to relevant information, expedient project solution. All this creates added value and helps to work in a more rapid and effective manner’, told L. Rimkus.

The company MERKO applied BIM for design and construction works in constructing the hotels ibis Vilnius Centre and Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva (extension), residential house projects Rinktinės URBAN, Rinktinės URBAN 2 and Fizikų namai 2. In the light of the above experience and advantages of work in BIM environment, application of BIM for design and construction of the residential quarter Vilnelės slėnis has been unquestionable.

Namely due to effective application of BIM and advanced project management in this project the company MERKO received the award of the best BIM project in the residential building category.

The competition aimed at choosing the best practice of the Lithuanian company using Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies and methodology has been organised by the public institution Skaitmeninė statyba (Digital Construction) and the Lithuanian Construction Association (LCA) already for the fourth time. This year 25 applications were submitted.