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Successfully performed installation works at the object: Klaipėda transformer substation of NordBalt power link

The following construction – installation works were performed by the company Merko statyba, UAB, at the object: Klaipėda transformer substation of NordBalt power link, Kiškėnai village, Dovilai eldership, Klaipėda district, from 05/05/2014 to 03/07/2015-08/09/2015

Construction and finishing works of the building, installation of internal mechanics, electrotechnology, electronic communications and automation, networks and systems of safety and fire alarm; installation of earthing network in the territory; preparatory works for laying about 300 metres of high voltage (330KW) cables in the territory; installation of exterior and interior water supply, sewage and drainage systems; safety cases for different engineering communications were mounted in the territory. A plot of 724 m3 for four transformer stations and foundations of about 630 m3 for other technological facilities were concreted. The works of territory management were performed.

Total area of the buildings is 6,004.27 m2; volume of the buildings is 72,415 m3.

By Assessment of the Client: within the period of the construction agreement, the specialists of the company and the team of the object organized the works well, fulfilled their liabilities in good quality and in compliance with the terms, technological requirements and requirements of technical specifications; the quality of performed works, competence of certified managers of the company and employees’ knowledge of legal acts are assessed well.