Steps to transaction

Buying commercial premises from Merko is easy

The information on the project website and our helpful sales managers will advise you if you have any questions. They will agree on the details of the purchase transaction with you, mediate communication with the construction team, prepare the documents, schedule your visit to inspect the premises and book an appointment with a notary to sign the contract.

Steps to new business premises

  • SELECTION OF AN APARTMENT A customer shall select an apartment he/she likes in the project web site and reserve it.
  • PRELIMINARY SALE-PURCHASE CONTRACT When a customer finally decides to purchase the selected apartment, he/she shall sign a preliminary sale-purchase contract with the seller and shall transfer  the advance payment to the account of the seller within the term established in the contract.
  • TAKING – OVER CERTIFICATE After the completion of the construction works, the customer will receive a notice about the completion, and the taking-over certificate will be signed.
  • PAYMENT FOR THE APARTMENT USING OWN FUNDS A buyer transfers the entire amount to a bank account indicated by the seller. After receipt of payment, the seller signs the notary sale – purchase contract with the buyer. The buyer receives a certificate from the seller on the complete settlement for the apartment and registers his/her ownership in a Centre of Registers.
  • PAYMENT FOR THE APARTMENT USING A BANK LOAN An agreement shall be signed with a bank in order to get a loan; a notary sale-purchase contract shall be signed; after giving a sale-purchase contract to the bank, the buyer shall sign the loan contract and shall register his/her ownership with the Centre of Registers. The buyer shall sign mortgage agreement and notary will register it in the Mortgage Register. The bank transfers the final amount for the apartment when it receives the confirmation from the Mortgage Register.
  • CERTIFICATE ON COMPLETE SETTLEMENT The seller issues a certificate to the buyer in order to certify that the buyer fully paid the seller.
  • CONTRACTS WITH SERVICE PROVIDERS The buyer signs contracts with the company which administers a building, as well as with the heating and water suppliers.
  • DELIVERY OF KEYS The seller gives the buyer the keys to the flat.
  • APPLYING FOR A LOAN Loan applicants are advised to contact our long-term cooperation partners in the banking industry. Contact details for our recommended partners can be found under the relevant menu link “Partners in cooperation”.