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MERKO is to build one more wind farm – in Jonava municipality

UAB Merko statyba has signed an agreement with UAB Potentia industriae, which belongs to European Energy, a Danish-owned renewable energy company, for the construction of a wind farm in Jonava municipality. The value of the contract is more than 4 million EUR.

This is the 5th contract signed by UAB Merko statyba for the construction of a wind farm this summer. It will house seven wind turbines.

“In recent years, more and more renewable energy sources (RES) have been appearing in Lithuania, with wind turbines becoming an important part of the sector. MERKO has become an experienced contractor for wind farm construction in Lithuania, able to arrange all the necessary documentation, prepare a project and obtain permits for its implementation. Also, our specialists have the necessary qualifications and experience to perform complex wind power contract work on time and with high quality,” said Mr Saulius Putrimas, General Director of UAB Merko statyba.

Assessing the growing need for wind farm construction, the company has organized a team of professionals who prepare and implement these projects. The team of concreting specialists, highly experienced in pouring the foundations of the wind turbines, has also been expanded. Such combined forces help to carry out all the planned work quickly. In this case, construction is scheduled for completion in the 4th quarter of this year. In this record-breaking time, the foundations of 7 wind turbines will be installed, i. e. foundation pits excavated, pilings and foundation bottom cast.

The proliferation of wind farms in the country helps to achieve the main goal of the National Energy Independence Strategy in the field of RES – to further increase the share of RES in Lithuania’s domestic energy production and final energy consumption balance, thus reducing dependence on fossil fuel imports and increasing local electricity generation capacity.

Companies UAB Merko statyba and UAB Merko būstas represent AS Merko Ehitus in Lithuania. The group’s turnover in all the Baltic states and Norway was EUR 316 million, and net profit was EUR 23 million in 2020.