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MERKO is building a wind farm for UAB Anykščių vėjas

UAB Merko statyba is building a wind farm in Anykščiai Municipality under the agreement with the private company UAB Anykščių vėjas. The value of the contract exceeds 4 million EUR; the works are planned to be completed in September 2021.

Nine wind power plants are planned to be built; their height will reach 230 meters, including blades.

“We are glad to undertake this project and contribute to the best possible supply of “green” energy to Lithuania, with the least possible impact on the environment. This is not the first power plant park being built by MERKO, so we will use all our knowledge and experience to complete the work on time and in accordance with the highest quality standards,” said Mr Saulius Putrimas, General Director of UAB Merko statyba.

In this project, the role of UAB Merko statyba in this project is installation of wind power plant foundations, i. e. the excavation of the foundation pit, installation of pilings and foundation base and others. At present, the foundation of one power plant has already been done; others are also being prepared for concreting.

The wind farm will be a new source of “green” energy, set to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the country’s energy balance. The environmental impact of wind farms is undoubtedly minimal, as wind energy is a renewable energy source. Wind is a natural and inexhaustible source of energy, so the production of energy in wind farms doesn’t use natural resources. Wind farms do not increase air pollution or emit any greenhouse gases. Land area necessary for them is minimal, and the rest of the land plot can be used as usual: for agriculture, pastures for livestock, etc.

Companies UAB Merko statyba and UAB Merko būstas represent AS Merko Ehitus in Lithuania. The group’s turnover in all the Baltic states and Norway was EUR 316 million, and net profit was EUR 23 million in 2020.