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MERKO finished construction works of new school in Vilnius

A new school in the parcel of land at the address Medeinos St. 14, Pašilaičiau Micro-district, was constructed faster than within one year, i.e. on the first days of July 2019 the company Merko statyba finished the works started on 28 August las year; on 27 August 2019 the building was officially transferred to the owner. The customer of the project is the Archdiocese of Vilniaus, the amount of the signed contract is higher than EUR 4 million.

‘We are glad that private educational establishments are constructed in Vilnius, the customers who appreciate quality and reliability choose MERKO. And we can employ the accumulated experience: this is already a third private school constructed by us, after several months we will finish the fourth school. I am also delighted that our team has addressed the challenge to construct and deliver the building before the start of the school year, after less than one year for construction,’ told Saulius Putrimas, the General Manager of Merko statyba UAB. A school and a kindergarten will be based in building of irregular T shape with the area of more than 3 thousand sq. m. A particularly modern hall the coverings, acoustics of which meet the requirements for professional basketball halls is planned on the ground floor. Changing rooms, school classes, cloak-room, common and technical premises, canteen area are equipped near the multi-functional hall. There is a separate kindergarten block, chapel, offices of the parish, library/reading room and other classes are on the first floor. The ground floor and the first floor are connected by an amphitheatre, i.e. the main lounge of the school which may be used as an auditorium. The canteen, chapel, reading room are arranged around this area. All premises are adapted for disabled people.

The company Merko statyba also managed the environment of the educational establishment. There is a meadow of perennial crops, two avenues of trees in the parcel of land, near the building. Separate playgrounds (area of training devices, volleyball and basketball grounds, hills and sandboxes) are arranged for the school and the kindergarten. An amphitheatre used for different occasions which is sort of an extension of the one in the lounge is on the façade side of the building. A car park with a place for charging electric motor vehicles and 24 bicycle parking spaces is arranged near the building. According to Mr Putrimas, the educational establishment meets all requirements for educational construction works, high quality, durable materials which are adapted for great flows of visitors were used. This is a building of A+ energy performance class and B acoustic comfort class.

The building was designed by 2L Architektai UAB, the head of the design Paulius Latakas, architect Rytis Cimkus.