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MERKO continues development in Markučiai and will offer 200 more apartments

UAB Merko būstas continues its investments in the territory of the conversion project “Architektūros parkas” initiated by Vilnius City Municipality and starts the 3rd stage of construction of the residential quarter “Vilnelės skverai”.

The 3rd construction phase consists of six five- to six-storey buildings with 209 apartments. Potential buyers will be offered one-, two-, three- and four-room apartments ranging in size from 28 to 88 square metres. Construction has already started and is expected to be completed in the 1st quarter of 2023. However, for the time being, buyers will be able to choose apartments in two houses (blocks C and D), while the sale of the others will start later.

“The interest of buyers in this project has prompted us to start the 3rd stage of “Vilnelės skverai” sooner than planned: we have already sold 825per cent of the apartments offered to the market from the previous stages,” commented Mr Saulius Putrimas, CEO of UAB Merko būstas.

“There are 239 apartments in the six “Vilnelė Skverai” houses under construction launched late October 2020; 194 of them have already been sold by preliminary sale-purchase agreements. All construction works are on schedule and the first six houses will be completed in the 3rd quarter of 2022.”

Mr Putrimas says that such sales figures prove that the project meets the expectations of potential buyers, both in terms of the quality of the houses and the chosen location in the city – close to the Vilnelė River, not far from the Old Town or Užupis, in the vicinity of Belmontas and Markučiai parks. The appearance of the conversion project area is changing quite quickly, with houses replacing demolished factories, streets being built and the environment being cleaned up. Seeing these changes, Vilnius’ residents are much more willing to choose apartments in the area.

Mr Putrimas also notes that the habits of property buyers have also changed considerably during the pandemic years as preliminary contracts are signed remotely and almost all apartments are sold from drawings.

“These trends are inspired by the general market situation and our company’s reputation. We’ve already built a number of residential complexes in Vilnius, so people know the quality of our apartments and they are confidently buying them after seeing only the drawings of the future houses,” says Mr Putrimas. The confidence of the buyers in “Vilnelės skverai” is also boosted by the completion of another MERKO project nearby – “Vilnelės slėnis”, where all the apartments have already been sold out.