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MERKO signed a contract for the construction of a wind farm in Šilalė municipality

Enefit Green’s Šilale I wind park in Lithuania

UAB Merko statyba has signed an agreement with UAB Šilalės vėjas, which belongs to Enefit Green,  Enefit’s renewable energy subsidiary, for the construction of a wind farm in Šilalė municipality. The value of the contract is more than 15 million EUR. There are plans to build twelve wind power plants in total.

Linas Sabaliauskas, Member of the Management board of Enefit Green, noted that the construction of a new wind park in Lithuania is another step in increasing renewable electricity production. ,,Enefit Green works every day to ensure that we all have enough electricity produced from renewable energy in the future. Increasing the use of green electricity daily, for example in transport, housing or agriculture, is the easiest way to reduce the CO2 footprint. We carried out a procurement and are happy to have Merko‘s proffesional team aboard in the construction of Šilale II wind park,“commented Sabaliauskas.

UAB Merko statyba has won the contracts for both designing and contract works, which means that the company will be responsible for both project preparation and contract works. Designing will start in August, with contract works scheduled to take place in mid-September.

The contract works of UAB Merko statyba in this project will not be limited to laying the foundations of twelve wind power plants. The company will build substations for energy transmission (with 60 MW of transformer capacity), build roads (total length will be about 8 km), lay 30 kV cable routes (about 36 km in total). All the construction works are to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

“Construction of wind farms is becoming one of the market-driven activities to the MERKO company. We have already implemented successfully – in time and good quality – a lot of such projects. Customers appreciate our experience, which allows us to make the best decisions, as well as our knowledge and reliability, because in the construction of wind power plants, the quality of works and the time of their completion is very important,” said Mr Saulius Putrimas, CEO of UAB Merko statyba.

He says that one of the biggest challenges in the construction of wind farms is managing the process so that construction work is completed on time and that the installation of wind farms can begin on time. Seeing the growing demand for wind farms and estimating that in the future, in order to ensure the supply of electricity from renewable sources, there will be more and more of them, the company has organized a team of professionals whose main activity is to prepare and implement wind farm projects. Also, a group of concrete pouring specialists is being expanded; they have accumulated a lot of experience in pouring the foundations of wind turbines.

In 2015, UAB Merko statyba built the first wind farm. The wind park currently under construction in Šilalė municipality will be the sixth on the list of works performed by the company.

About Enefit Green

Enefit Green is a renewable energy subsidiary of the Enefit Group, currently owning a total of 22 wind parks, 38 solar power plants, 4 cogeneration plants, a pellet plant and a hydroelectric power plant in four markets – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

About UAB Merko statyba

Companies UAB Merko statyba and UAB Merko būstas represent AS Merko Ehitus in Lithuania. The group’s turnover in all the Baltic states and Norway was EUR 316 million, and net profit was EUR 23 million in 2020.