Civil engineering

Merko builds all types of key infrastructure facilities, offering engineering and construction service in the fields of both electrical and road construction and utility networks. Engineering construction covers port, waste handling and road infrastructure (bridges, tunnels, overpasses, roads), electrical installations up to 330 kV, various environmental protection engineering work, drinking water and waste water treatment facilities, water and sewerage mains built using both open and closed methods, and various other engineering and technical sites.

Complicated and unique engineering sites require specific knowledge and good cooperation between customers and local governments, both of which Merko possesses.


Merko performs design and construction of water, sewerage and gas pipelines, installation of sewage pumping stations and construction and renovation of storm water systems; also vacuum sewerage design and construction. The goal is supported by a professional engineering team, modern equipment and software.

Our aim is to carry out works with high quality and according to the good building practice, solve the water supply and sewerage problems of our clients in the best possible way, while damaging furbishing, roads and buildings as little as possible. We have the best engineering team and we use modern tools and methods.