Vision and values

Our vision is the reliable solutions and quality performance for your ideas.


The core values of Merko also include ethical business activities that ensure our success. By adhering to high ethical principles, we facilitate profitable growth, gain the trust of our stakeholders and support fair competition and equal treatment. Merko does not tolerate corruption in any of its forms. Business integrity is important to us and we expect our employees, customers and cooperation partners to adhere to ethical business practices in their everyday work.


We decide based on business thinking, awareness and ethical beliefs. We offer enduring and environmentally friendly solutions.


We give realistic promises to the shareholders, contracting entities, cooperation partners, employees and we keep our promises. Good solutions are born in cooperation, the keeping of one’s promises is mutual.


We value quality and professionalism. We constantly develop our professional knowledge and skills.


We manage processes and we are result-oriented. We accept the challenges which presume more.


We are open, innovative and creative in working out and implementing the solutions. We have a will to carry out forward-looking ideas.