Merko as employer

Merko employs more than 700 people in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway, including office staff, project managers and on-site team members. Consummately experienced professionals are the company’s key value.

The company’s personnel policy supports achievement of the company’s goals, ensuring sustainability of the organisation and management, staying competitive, maintaining and increasing the value of the organisation and constant development of competence.

Experienced professionals are the company’s key strength.

We develop responsible management throughout the organisation, guided by company strategy, management system, applicable law, ethical values and good organisation management practice. We treat employees as partners, involving them in the decision-making process and perceiving that the right to make decisions includes responsibility. We support people’s achievement of their professional goals and the advancement of their career in the company by encouraging existing employees to apply for vacant or new positions within the company. We ensure an adequate, fair and competitive salary that complies with the contribution of the employee and a motivation package.

We provide employees with conditions for professional development and career opportunities by supporting studies and acquisition of professional knowledge and experience. We support our employees for developing their competence and skills.