Management systems

Due to its constant readiness for implementing customer requests in the best way possible, Merko’s contracting portfolio has expanded in all fields of construction, from residential projects, port infrastructure, various technical networks, commercial and cultural buildings to high-tech energy, logistics and aviation infrastructure. These complicated work processes have been accompanied by a search for innovation, and we have been open to using new construction technologies and materials in all situations where it is necessary and feasible.

Environmental conservation, user friendliness, security, and use of innovative solutions in buildings are all important to us. We learn by analysing experience from all over the world. The competence of Merko’s personnel continues to grow thanks to systematic and regular trainings and sharing experiences gained from specific sites, in the course of which the project team recaps the lessons learned from engineering and construction work, the new technical solutions used, subcontractors employed and quality control.

International quality, environmental protection and occupational safety certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 have been assigned to the group’s larger construction companies.